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I did some camping in the Kananaskis Country south of Calgary, Alberta and decided to make a video showing off my slingshot / slingbow attachment that allows me to shoot arrows out of my slingshot.  You can also get an attachment to do some bow (slingbow) fishing.  
I picked up some flu flu arrows from the bass pro shop because they are meant for shooting small game and birds as the long feathers on the back of the arrow slows down the speed of the arrow so you don't lose your arrows when you shoot up in the air. 
I will be picking up regular arrows soon as I found the flu flu arrows slowed the flight too much.
This slingshot is good for hunting small game, I have killed a rabbit with it using 3/8 steel balls.  I would prefer using larger balls but I don't know where to get them.
Other than the video I did some camping, had a fire, cut up some wood, made some food and relaxed.  I was out with my dog Kilo and my girl friend. 


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