Anil Kumble Fell In Love With A Married Woman, एक बच्चे की मां को दिल दे बैठे थे अनिल कुंबले, ऐसी फिल्मी है Love स्टोरी, टीम इंडिया में जंबो के नाम से मशहूर रहे महान स्पिनर कुंबले एक शादीशुदा महिला को दिल दे बैठे थे।
Anil Kumble, who is head coach of Team India after resigning due to differences with Virat Kohli, is in the spotlight. His personal life has also been quite interesting with Kumble's finest cricket career. Kumble, famously known as 'Jumbo' in Team India, was giving heart to a married woman.
During his cricket career, Anil Kumble gave heart to a married woman's consciousness. The first husband of consciousness was an businessman. He was not happy with his married life. She had left her husband's house and started working in a travel agency. Here he meets Kumble. However, the love and faith of consciousness had eroded. Because of this, Kumble had to make a lot of effort to convince him.
Chetna married Kumble first on 1 July 1999 after divorcing her husband. However, from the first marriage of consciousness, he had a baby girl named Aruni. Kumble also adopted Arunike. However, Kumble's wife had to make several rounds of court for Arun's custody. In addition to Arun, there are two children Anil and Chetna (Son Meas and daughter Swasti). Kumble's love is equal to all children. There is Anil Kumble, such film is Love Story
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